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Greetings from the #Minervois to #Burgundy! #PinotNoir

Burgundy is widely recognized as the wine region, that made Pinot Noir to what it is today: The probably most noble grape variety in the world! Worshipping its taste and flavors has driven winemakers to spread the grape variety around the globe, and to mainly grow it in cool, Burgundy-like areas: New Zealand, Victoria and Tasmania in Australia, Oregon in the United States ...Therefore, probably not any reasonable person would get the idea planting Pinot noir in the Minervois with its Mediterranean climate. And yet it grows there...

Pinot noir Pierre Cros Minervois

Pierre has planted his Pinot noir vineyard many years ago. Just for the love of the grape variety and the wine. And ... it grows, making shoots, leaves and pretty grapes every year! I admit that the first years were not easy. Due to the rocky, dry terroir, he had to wait five years to pick the very first grapes, instead of the usually three years. But it was worthwhile to wait. Now, the vines seem to have found balance under the Mediterranean sun for some years, producing delicate, fine wines.

Last night I opened a bottle from the vintage 2010. A pure Pinot Noir, fermented in open vats and matured in oak barrels. A touch of old leather on the nose, mixed with fragrants of sweet cherries and some spices. Soft and round on the palate, with fresh acidity and a hint of sweetness. Pleasant length, beautiful perfume, the taste buds really enjoy!

As a side dish for CARNIVORES & HERBIVORES, I recommend to have look at all sorts of medium-mature soft cheese. Or why not try a simple chocolate cake with cherry-liquor flavoured whipped cream?

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