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Young or rather old – the fine art of tasting wines from Cahors

Somebody may ask, which is the best moment to drink our wines. Being able to age for long years, one may be tempted to leave them in the cellar, being afraid to open them too early. Recent tasting of the wines we’ve bottled earlier this year offers a good occasion for us to present our point of view.

Since many years we multiply our efforts to enhance the “drinkability” of our wines as “young ones”. For us, organic farming, grape ripeness and gentle extraction during vinification are the main factors to achieve this. Of course there is a difference in taste and odour between a young wine and one that has been ripening for 10 years in a bottle. But to enjoy one or the other finally depends on our palate and preference.

But let’s start at the beginning, with our Cuvée Héritage 2010. We recommend tasting this wine within the next 5 years. Delicate but showing quite some character, it belongs to those we won’t hesitate to open, whenever we feel for a good glass of red: Barbeque, Pizza, Coq au Vin, during the week or in the weekend, with family or friends… A very flexible and social wine, that suits to many occasions.

Coming to the Château du Cèdre 2009, the nose gains complexity, luscious tannins arrive on the palate, and it all becomes a little more serious. Even more if you consider that this cuvee made from Tannat, Merlot and quite an amount of Malbec will easily age up to ten years in your cellar. In its youth, one will particularly appreciate its powerful scent full of fruit and freshness, while spices, woody smells and smooth tannins will reward our patience. Young and slightly chilled, it perfectly matches to a grilled steak, after a certain time of ageing, it enhances our appetite for an autumn dish with fresh mushrooms and game.

The cuvee Le Cèdre probably is our most glamorous wine. Pure Malbec, aged for many months in wood, it shows great elegance on every level and an affectation for special occasions: Birthdays, weddings, New Years Eve, but also on the occasion of a sophisticated dinner with very old friends. Every one of us as his own definition of an opportunity that demands a particular bottle of wine.

The GC loves slowness. Its an effigy of its terroir and fully presents the flavourful power of the Malbec grape. It opens up after three to four years of ripening in barrels and bottles, revealing its complexity of taste and odour over the years. A wine you should listen to, as even we don’t know the fragrances it will reveal to seduce you within the next 15 to 20 years.

You see, there are many reasons and occasions to open a bottle of Cahors wine. So do not hesitate, you will certainly enjoy the experience.

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