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Will there soon be a “#Malbec spirit” in #Cahors ?

“Why not make a brandy from Malbec, the main grape variety of Cahors, as traditionally done in many other wine-growing regions?”

This question was reflected in an article published in “La Dépêche” in February. A question that could have be raised before, because some winegrowers have already found an answer to the question.

“Some forward-looking vignerons, have already taken the step in this direction. Amongst them is Pascal Verhaeghe, who asked Laurent Cazottes to make brandy for him out of Malbec pomace.”

The Château du Cèdre has indeed been producing its “Marc de GC”, made of the pomace, the remaining grape skins and pips after fermentation, from its top wine “GC”, for years already. A crystal-clear, pure “Malbec spirit” that ripens in steel tanks after distilling to preserve the freshness and aromas of the grapes. Soft and round on the palate, it surprises with its delicate fruit aromas (grape, fig, peach, apricot ...), as well as a flowery touch (violet ...).

A rare rough diamond in the otherwise red wine-dominated landscape of Cahors ...

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