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The wines of Château du Cèdre and their characters – Chapter I: The one you can trust

Regardless to the vintage, you will be able to recognize each cuvee by its typical taste, as each one has created a distinct identity with the help of its terroir. An identity and a style that has strengthened over time, certainly due to the fact that we continuously reduce the application of sulphur in the winery.

Château du Cèdre Cahors

Château du Cèdre 2014
This wine has sworn eternal fidelity and it sticks to it! Each year, it presents itself with a friendly handshake and a few attentive words. After that, it can’t wait to show off the full range of its ripe and juicy fruits, spices and herbs accompanied by precise tannins, refreshing acidity and a little sweetness. In its youth, it’s an excellent companion for an evening with friends. Over the years, it will develop its talent to refine special culinary moments. No doubt, this wine offers you a sincere and long-term friendship.

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