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The enjoyment of the ephemeral... #QVFMR #Champagne from J.Vignier

Champagne J.Vignier - Terres d'identité

In the production of our «Terroir» Champagne we find our balance, our style. Our choice for these wines is based on a selection of vineyards where we only grow Chardonnay. Every year the wines are produced according to a simple and respectful protocol, to emphasize the pure character of the fruit and its origin: fermentation exclusively of the first pressing in stainless steel tanks, malolactic fermentation and Dosage Extra Brut (5 g / L) for all wines. Reserve wines are only used for our Cuvee “Ora Alba”, made from different vineyards in the Grand Cru villages of Cramant, Chouilly and Oiry. Our other cuvees are made from the harvest of a single vintage.

Every year we find our freedom and creativity in our Champagne QVFMR (Cuvée éphémère). A rather discreet production of one-off wines in small quantities, that allow us to experiment, to satisfy our curiosity and to find some answers to our questions. Here, everything is allowed and possible: Blending of terroirs and vintages, fermentation and aging in wood, bottle fermentation or storage under natural cork in small or extra large bottles, bottling without malolactic fermentation or dosage... There are no limits to our imagination… What turns out to be good goes into production of our classic champagne range, while not conclusive experiments are filed.

Particularly successful experiments get a QVFMR label and are shared with our partners and customers after an appropriate time of cellaring. A single QVFMR leaves our cellars every year, in a very limited number. Amazing and unique wines, the enjoyment of which is short but intense, because every wine is available only once...

QVFMR Champagne J.Vignier

The first QVFMR, “Ma Petite Friandise”, was disgorged last autumn: Pure Chardonnay, Grand Cru from Cramant, vintage 2008, pure oak, no malo, Extra Brut dosage of only 3 g/L. Second fermentation was carried out exclusively in 375 ml bottles (1000 pieces) to create a complex and fine pocket-sized champagne, similar to a precious perfume ...

The next QVFMR, “Les Vignes d’Henri”, will leave our winery in September. It was made from the grapes of the historic vineyards that our great-grandfather Henri cultivated in Cramant back in 1925: A pure Grand Cru Chardonnay from the 2006 and 2007 vintages, also fermented and aged in oak barrels and completed with a dosage of 3 g/L. A limited edition of only 787 bottles (75 cl), which should be enjoyed with sweetbreads and morels, a truffled brie or a cigar…

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