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The WAWA restaurant in #Berlin - A short trip to Korea @I_love_Berlin @BerlinTourism

Asian cuisine has found increasing popularity in Europe for years. Thai, Japanese or Korean, their different dishes tempt us with their spices, exoticism and precision of preparation. Often also with its simplicity and sincerity. Personally, I take every opportunity to dive into this universe of strange flavors and textures. On the condition to find a certain authenticity and quality.

Restaurant WAWA Berlin Schöneberg

If you like exotic cuisine, I warmly recommend the WAWA restaurant in Berlin, a small, modest but very authentic Korean restaurant in Schöneberg. Nibble a little Edamame (steamed soybeans) and tofu-kimchi (fermented cabbage with chili) while waiting for your Mandus (Korean ravioli), your Bul Gogi (marinated meat, which is served with lettuce leaves and rice, to eat with your hands) or Bibim Bap (stewed pot of rice, vegetables, kimchi and, optionally, meat)... Everything is extremely tasty and of powerful flavours. However, I recommend you to keep a bottle of mineral water ready, as Korean cuisine may be strongly influenced by chili. But just then it’s interesting. As besides its power and its fire, good chili is above all a rich source of aromas. A true flavor enhancer that adds strength to the other spices leading to a long lasting finish. A culinary delight, accompanied by a friendly and cheerful service.

A few words on the wine list. The selection of the wines is rather small, which, however, is not very inconvenient. You may be better off with beer (a loyal ally when eating chilli) or tea (an amazing table companion). Also interesting are the various Korean drinks made of rice. Although their flavors seem to originate from a different world, they are very well suited to the different dishes: warmly served sake, milky and cloudy but velvety textured makgeolli, more or less strong soju ...

A short trip to Korea’s kitchens, which is definitely worth a stop.

Bon appétit ! Doyo wihayeo ! 도요 위하여

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