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The Arjolle evaluates its biodiversity

The primary regional survey of biodiversity, has given a good overview of the flora and fauna in the Côtes de Thongue wine area in southern France.

Biodiversité Domaine de l'Arjolle

The studies revealed two major points:

  • Biodiversity is very high in the whole area, including the presence of some rare bird species around the vineyards. A specific scheme should be established for the preservation and of these species.
  • Biodiversity in the vineyards is more diverging. The floral and faunal great variety of each estate should now be determined by the individual winegrower.

Biodiversité Domaine de l'Arjolle

At the Domaine de l’Arjolle, we have started our survey in October. After having determined the level of biodiversity in and around our vineyards, we will take the measures to eventually improve our natural environment. The results will make part of a regional survey of the Côtes de Thongue, to establish a detailed overview of the flora and fauna, aiming for a sustainable increase of biodiversity in our wine region.

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