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Nobody really knows the secret of old vines, but the legends (sometimes urban) are many. It appears for example, they make better wines than the young ones, nevertheles, no one can really prove it. Whatsoever, winemaking is a complex process, just the age of the vines is not sufficient to “do good.”

Fortunately Bacchus happened to meet several key factors: very old vines (CENTENARIANS), a great variety (CARIGNAN), a Mediterranean vintage (2009), a passionate and experienced winemaker (PIERRE).

Garnet red with plenty of light and fire, a powerful nose of gingerbread, figs and prunes with a hint of cherry and brandy. Yes, I dare say the word “brandy” and I know what you’re thinking: there is alcohol... And yes, it is a warm and generous wine, a Mediterranean wine made in a Mediterranean vintage, but it all perfectly fits! Soft palate, even velvety, silky tannins, the whole thing carried by a good background of freshness. It is long in the mouth, even very long, generous and spicy. Although already 5 years old, it can still be kept in the cellar, as the tannins and the flavours promise great potential for development.

HERBIVORE SUPPORT : A pumpkin pie with sesame seeds and some sweet yellow onions to enhance softness would be good for this wine. You may also add TURMERIC, CORIANDER seeds and CARAWAY to face the wines spiciness. I suggest to put some RACLETTE cheese on top, whose taste is more pronounced than GRUYÈRE cheese.

CARNIVORE SUPPORT : A RIBEYE STEAK, a BBQ, some salt and pepper... et voila! I also encourage the choice of EGGPLANT LASAGNE with LAMB MEAT or hot and spicy SQUID.

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