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Sleep has no odour…

Permalink, 18 May 2010, by Sebastian Nickel

It’s a well know fact that surrounding noises at night can influence our sleep and mix up with our dreams: the sound of rain or water, a car that runs by, laughing people…
And the next morning we remember having crossed the ocean during the night — by car — together with some completely unknown, but rather joyful people. But we only remember very few or no dreams at all, filled with odours of flowers, or wine or fantastic meals.

On the other hand, smells like Lavender and Camilla are known to appease our mind and calm our sleep. And an experience at the University of Mannheim has shown that different odours may influence our dreams.

Most of the test persons reported having had pleasant dreams while smelling roses and even talked about nightmares provoked by the smell of rotten eggs.

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