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Restaurant “Les 40 degrés” in Montpellier - a great place for fine food.

It wouldn’t be so difficult to find forty good reasons to go to this restaurant. We will give it a start ...

Restaurant Les 40 degrés à Montpellier

First, ther is the location, which was certainly not chosen by chance. The dining room, consisting of natural stone walls and vaulted ceilings, already indicates that the emphasis is on nature. The same is also to be found in the aesthetics of chef Antoine Floch’s cuisine. But watch out not to be mislead by his angelic face, for everything that comes to the table is good as hell!

The cuisine follows the seasons and the fresh offer on the market. It is refined in a masterly way by precise and genuine application of spices and beautifully dressed plates, such as the low-temperature cooked quail on a puree of red lentils with lime guacamole. The skilful mixture of different spices and cultures, testify to a multitude of trips by the chef on his constant search for inspiration and aromas. Another example: Turbot filet with tandoori spices, coconut milk and Peruvian Oca cream served with deglazed carrots in oyster sauce and orange ... Divine or diabolic, it’s difficult to decide with this skilful mixture of different tastes.

Lovers of sweetness also get their money’s worth. We recommend the chocolate, almonds and coconut pastry with yuzu cream, vanilla whipped cream and pineapple baked in spices.

At the table, the cooking of Antoine Floch is presented in a pleasant way by Lionel Adams, with a lot of elegance and humor. We leave it to you to find the remaining 32 reasons which inevitably will lead to this restaurant. We are already sure that we will be back soon.

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