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Please continue to take along #wine bottles to our house!

We love to welcome friends in our house. Create a menu to delight our guests, decorate the table with style, a beautiful bouquet and a few candles, compile a playlist to create a pleasant soundscape, so that everyone feels comfortable in a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. And then comes the wine ... The right wine to accompany a meal, or the right dish for the wine? It depends on which inspiration comes first.

All of this may seem a bit cumbersome, just to spend a pleasant evening among friends, but it’s not. First of all, we love to do this and secondly, any possible effort is forgotten at the latest when everyone is there and the mood rises.

The first friends have arrived and the evening begins, the first glasses are filled and emptied, the aperitif plates as well, one laughs and talks on serious and nonsensical topics increase.
I remember a discussion with a friend, a great wine lover himself, who told me he would like to bring wine when he comes to us. But because of our reputation as “wine professionnals” he was reluctant, being afraid of bringing along “something wrong”. We laughed at it and tried to convince him that we do not know all the good wines, but would like to discover them and that we are also happy to share and enjoy well-known and confirmed wines with our friends.

So this is an appeal to our friends: Please keep on bringing wine to us! Your choice is always the right one!

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