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Restaurant Le Pastis - fine food in Montpellier

Restaurant Le Pastis – Fine food in Montpellier

We like to go to the restaurant. Leaving everyday’s life outside, taking a break and recharge the batteries. We often got to LE PASTIS, our favourite restaurant in Montpellier, where Daniel Lutrand reigns in the kitchen, while Jean-Philippe Vivant is on the way between the tables.

restaurant Le Pastis Montpellier

We especially like the friendly service, the place in the Old Town and the fresh products. Because at the PASTIS, every effort is done to highlight the products of the season, to sublimate and to embellish them. The menu at the PASTIS is a surprise. Every day. For those who like reading, there is a small, but exquisite wine list with wines from the Languedoc and abroad (and even a Riesling from the German Mosel made it to its cellar!).

Once they are informed about products you might not like or even be allergic to, the parade may start! Because that’s what it really is: A parade of colours, odours, textures and flavours that travels over the tables.

A small example of a summer menu:

A light soup from Cavaillon melons and raspberries with Roram (Thai Basil) as “Amuse gueule”, followed by a slightly marinated mackerel fillet with tomato “Tuille” and olive shortbread, that brings you to veal, accompanied by aubergines and courgettes filled with Sobressada.

The whole thing goes along of course with a nice bottle of wine from the varied wine list mentioned above, through which Jean-Philippe will guide with skill and daring surprises. Last time, he brought up an old Chardonnay vintage from Limoux. An excellent choice, in which wine and food highlighted each other.

At the PASTIS you also know everything about “Hara Hachi Bu”, a Confucian teaching that instructs people to eat until 80 percent of repletion. So one rises at the end with ease and feeling well.

We have no doubt that the PASTIS will also become one of your favourites in Montpellier. Align the two of them a greeting from us!

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