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How not to get bored with #truffles ...

To get an answer to this quite snobbish sounding question, we have contacted Olivier Bompas, a highly regarded French sommelier, journalist and wine writer. Because after having allowed yourself to spend a small fortune on this strange, rock-like Fungus, you should better avoid to botch it up in your kitchen…

Truffe noire du Périgord

“Truffles are an extraordinary food that is rather used as a spice. Their taste is extremely strong and delicate at the same time,”he says on this coveted mushroom.

Among the truffle classics we’ll find of course the famous “eggs and truffles”, to which Olivier recommends reds from rather cool wine regions: Burgundy, Côte Rôtie, Gigondas or Malbec from Cahors.

“With truffles you have to keep it simple. And never forget that it doesn’t like to be cooked. However, they love fat, with which they willingly share their perfume.”

If one considers these principles, your food-and-wine imagination will almost know no boundaries! Try a round, oaky white wine from Lirac for example, matured for several years in the bottle, with truffled Brie de Meaux or scallops with truffle butter. But even a strong, spicy rosé may provide great taste sensations. However, according to Olivier, the non plus ultra of sweet sins is bittersweet chocolate fudge with truffle cream, accompanied by a sweet wine in Porto style.

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