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Habemus papam !!! at Domaine Santa Duc

By Fabrice Langlois

A scream you can hear all over the world, several times a century. But there are two places where these words have a particular weight: Rome and Avignon.
“We have a pope!”

Habemus Papam Domaine Santa Duc Chateauneuf-du-Pape

I think, that after ten years of search, patience and willpower, Yves Gras and his estate Santa Duc might have screamed these same words too. Because there certainly are not many places where it is as difficult to become owner of vineyards as in Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

From the acquisition of his first vineyard, during the time he adapted cultivation and until the first excellent harvest in 2010 - he never revealed the secret. Patiently and silent he gave time to the wine to ripen, and baptized it “Habemus Papam” in a secret family conclave. 1,2 hectares of wine on the sandy soils close to “La Font du Loup”, one of the most famous terrois close to Courthézon. The finesse of the sand reflects in the supple texture of the tannins, while protection of the grapes from too much heat and sunlight gave a subtle bouquet to the wine. All of Yves Gras know-how in the heart of the worlds most famous appellation. Really a great bottle of wine!

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