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EXPO Shanghai 2010

The theme of Expo 2010 is “Better City, Better Life,representing the common wish of the whole humankind for a better living in future urban environments”.

This theme represents a central concern of the international community for future policy making, urban strategies and sustainable development. In 1800, 2% of the global population lived in cities. In 1950, the figure raised to 29%, in 2000, almost half the world population moved into cities, and by 2010, as estimated by the United Nations, the urban population will account for 55% of the total human population.

The quest for a better life has run through the urban history of mankind. Through different sub-themes, Expo 2010 will create blueprints for future cities and harmonious urban life styles, providing an extraordinary educational and entertaining platform for visitors of all nations:

●Blending of diverse cultures in the city

●Economic prosperity in the city

●Innovations of science and technology in the city

●Remodelling of communities in the city

●Interactions between urban and rural areas

The emblem, depicting the image of three people-you, me, him/her holding hands together, symbolizes the big family of mankind.

The name of the mascot of World Expo 2010 Shanghai China is Haibao, which means the treasure of the sea. The name of Haibao is easy to remember, echoes with the color of its body and is a typical lucky name in Chinese tradition. Haibao is the good well ambassador of Shanghai Expo.

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