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Do you know what Terra Vitis is?

Arjolle Vinparleur
Set up by vine growers and winemakers in collaboration with the Chambers of Agriculture about 10 years ago, Terra Vitis brings the movement for a sustainable viticulture in France to the forefront.
From planting a plot of vines to the bottle, the individual or co-operative vine grower/winemaker commits himself to a line of conduct, respecting the rules set out in the Terra Vitis specifications. It is a commitment to transparency in everything done in the vines and the cellar: which means traceability. An independent external certifying organisation makes sure that the specifications are being strictly followed.

(Words from the president of the national federation of Terra Vitis, Didier Vazel)

For many years the Arjolle Estate subscribes to the Terra Vitis charter for sustainable agriculture.

Arjolle Vinparleur Some the charters objectives are…

  • … to set up a sustainable, ecological and economical agriculture
  • … to protect the consumer
  • … to protect the producer’s during manipulation of pesticides
  • … to obtain and preserve vital soils
  • … to reduce all environmental impact of agricultural activity on soil, air and water quality

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