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Discover the true spirit of Château du Cèdre #Cahors

Spirits fascinate me. They present the quintessence of fruit and fermentation and act as a true enhancer of terrois and the “savoir faire”. Abominable “fire water”, when prepared without care, the best among them equal the greatest wines of this world with ease.

Marc de GC Château du Cèdre

Recently, I paid a visit to the brothers Verhaeghe in Cahors and came to enjoy their “Eau de Vie de Marc de GC”. A name that requires some explanation. GC is the name of the top wine of the estate. Made exclusively from Malbec, it’s both fermented and aged in wood for 24 months. A monarch among the top wines of this world, of unimagined elegance and with impressive ageing potential.

The above-mentioned Eau de Vie is distilled from its pomace by the talented distiller Mr. Cazottes. Distilled twice, with separation of the first and last distillate, since only the medium, high-quality liquid is stored and ripened in the steel tank. No wood, no barrique, to preserve the pure essence of the fruit. A pleasant fragrance of fruits floats across the table as soon as the bottle is opened. White fruits especially, with pears, melons and peach, accompanied by a pleasant spiciness of pepper and cedar, bringing us back the the origin of Cahors and Malbec!

Marc de GC Château du Cèdre

On the palate, the spirit shows its soft, rather viscous side and carries the intense aroma of this marc with a lot of energy and strength. At the bottom of the glass you’ll find a tempting cocktail of fruit, spice and flowers.

This spirit is a must, if you like some meditative silence after an animated, extensive dinner.

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