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Château du Cèdre - Tasting of the 2011 vintage

Aged separately according to origin and ripeness, the wines of our cuvee Château du Cèdre in being divided by tasting in two groups: The first one is characterized by powerful, fruity and flowery flavours, underlined by straight and clear acidity, whereas the second one shows more spices, body and fine tannins. An interesting basis for the final blending.

Pascal Verhaeghe déguste le millésime 2011 du Château du Cèdre Cahors

Our cuvee Le Cèdre ripens in oak tanks of 5700 litres as well as in barrels of 500 litres (80% new oak barrels, 20% one year old barrels). Violet, red and black current, but also roasted Hazelnuts, smoke and green pepper, the wines easily absorb the wood. With their great balance and their sophisticated tannin structure, they are looking forward to further ripening.

The GC wines of our “Grand Cru” are rather retentive at the moment. Comfortably stored in the same 500 litre barrels they have fermented in, they are dark and silent. Just as if they were our wisest wines. Many spices, some flowers and dense, velvety tannins impel to chew the wine before drinking. A satisfying impression at this early stage of ageing.

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