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A good glass of... Champagne Paul Lebrun Carte d’Or Brut

lebrun extra brut

It’s the most modest champagne of the winery. You may call him the basic wine, the entrance to the wine range, the little brother of the great wines ... Call whatever you want, it just doesn’t care with nothing to hide. It is like that. Sincere, open and honest. He is a blanc de blancs, therefore produced exclusively from Chardonnay, a blend of two vintages (2009 and 2010), fermented in steel tanks and matured ten meters below ground in the cool chalk cellars of the winery for 36 months. A nose of red currants, lemon and fresh grass, lively on the palate, finely fizzy and with a long finish. Its crisp acidity easily gets along with the 10 grams of sugar added during the Dosage, without even a hint of heaviness coming up.

Whether you are a meat addict or rather plant eater, this Champagne perfectly matches to your moods and desires: To an aperitif, that asks for lightness and freshness in the glass, to accompany various fish and seafood dishes, cooked or raw, to sushi of course, but also to raw ham, creamy goat cheese or caramelized apple pie. Trust your palate and trust the wine, both will tell you when harmony is missing.

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