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#Carignan is capable of anything - believe me!

Mainly grown in the Mediterranean wine regions of France and Spain, this old grape variety already belongs for a long time to the top 10 of the most planted grape varieties in the world. Like other famous grape varieties, such as Pinot or Grenache, it comes in different varieties: red, grey and white. Carignan wines therefore also carry different colors: white, rosé and red, with the latter dominating. Made from very old, middle-aged or young vineyards (as people are replanting Carignan for some years now!), the wines offer a wide range of styles. Carignan is actually a real “terroir grape” that reacts with great sensitivity to the soil and the environment.

And here we have a real terroir Carignan, the “Vieilles Vignes 2016” from my friend Pierre Cros. The faithful readers of this blog already know him ... At the same time pioneer and conservator, he has a true love for the old Carignan vines (some well over 100 years old) he inherited from his grandparents. Oh, he also loves other grape varieties, as proves the great diversity of variatals he cultivates in his vineyards of the Minervois: Nebbiolo, Syrah and Cinsault, Aramon, Picpoul noir and Touriga nacional, Vermentino, Grenache blanc, gris and noir ... Just to name a few.

Pierre Cros Carignan Vieilles Vignes

But back to his 100% Carignan wine: Produced by the method of carbonic maceration, it shows an explosive and intense blend of red fruit, spices and the scent of fresh plants and herbs. Very seductive. Soft and fresh on the palate, with fine but well-structured tannins that give the wine a lot of juiciness and length. Great grape, great vintage, great wine! An excellent example of the fact that good wine is created in teamwork: A successful collaboration between the grape varieties and locations, the vintage and the winemaker.

Open it now and enjoy it with grilled duck breast or leave it in the cellar for a few more years.

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