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Big is beautiful... and so is old! Our answer to wine lover’s dreams

Just by looking at them we go into raptures : Magnum, Jeroboam, Methusalem… Big is beautiful ! And what’s more, the wines do not age and ripen in the same way in those bottlesstill one of the greatest mysteries of the wine world. Mostly, they only take the most precious nectars, excellent vintages, famous origins, and we like to hide them for years in our cellars, before presenting them on special occasions

The ennobled colour of the wine, the birth of its complex bouquet and the tannins that have got soft and silky with time and patience. The first impression of the wine that reflects in the smell of the cork, the first glass you poor, the slowly revealing perfumes, the first sip rolling around your tongue, while you just HAVE to close your eyes…

Pleasure, celebration, souvenirs, a journey of taste, the expression of a vintage… we all have our special reasons to open a special bottle !

You need time, space, patience, a good cellar - at the Domaine Santa Duc we know how difficult the work of “bottle-ripening” is. That’s why we have put aside in our cellars some precious bottles over the last yearsespecially for you ! Vacqueyras both from the Mediterranean 06-vintage and the elegant 08-vintage, some 07 and 08 bottles of the secret terroir of Roaix, only known by insiders, Prestige des Hautes Garrigues in Magnum bottles, Gigondas in Jeroboams…

Time, passion and pleasure in bottles – available for our friends and partners at the winery on request. 

Domaine Santa Duc Gigondas

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