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A good glass of... #Minervois Tradition 2014 from Pierre Cros

It almost seems a bit silly to point out that a wine comes up with aromas and taste of fresh grapes. Isn’t that obvious? Well, it’s not that obvious at all, because through maturity, vinification and aging certain wines may somehow drift away from the initial raw material. Thus, their bouquets suggest a big amount of fruits (peach, apricot, fig, banana ...), spices (cinnamon, vanilla, pepper, star anise ...) and even plants (fern, mint, hay ...), thus hiding the grapes.

Domaine Pierre Cros

This is not so in this case. This wine is pure grapes! I even hear hear the crunching of the berries in my head at each sip. Being a good ol’ traditional Languedoc wine, it’s manly made of CARIGNAN, GRENACHE and CINSAULT, nevertheless authorizing the grandiose SYRAH to participate in the feast. A few months of ageing in concrete tanks protects the wine from outside temperatures in a natural way, preserving freshness and authenticity.

Fresh grapes, cherry, currant and strawberry, as well as a tad of elderberry wood and that’s it! Smooth on the palate, with crisp acidity and fine, low profile tannins. Generous and fluid, it will help all CARNIVORES to finish the BBQ season. During fall, with its rain and decreasing temperatures, it will enhance the taste of a coq au vin or add a little sunshine to a risotto with sun-dried tomatoes and prosciutto. Being a true multi talented wine, it will also offer many opportunities for HERBIVORES to feast: the first fried mushrooms, penne all’arrabiata, risotto with porcini mushrooms… You name it!

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