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A Zen canteen in the heart of #Paris

Restaurant Zen Paris

Oh Paris! You may not be the gastronomic capital of France (this title still seems to belong to Lyon), but with your 13,000 to 14,000 restaurants, everyone will somehow find his culinary bliss ...

This time we have decided to introduce you to the restaurant “Zen” in the rue de l’Échelle in the 1st Arondissement. Guided by the Honorable Japanese Chefs Kiyoshi Aiba (Sushi Master) and Mitsuru Yamada, you may enjoy real Japanese flavors, sometimes surprising, sometimes less ... You can start with some “tapas” for example: Classic Edamame, Tofu with dried bonito flakes or the slightly more unusual grilled eel with cucumber and vinegar.

Restaurant Zen Paris

Continue with a Japanese omelette, gyoza - grilled ravioli stuffed with pork and vegetables - or beef tataki with ponzu sauce made of soy and citrus fruits ... A dream for taste buds!

Enjoy a real sake of the quite varied and original wine and sake-list, served as tradition demands, in a wooden bowl and a cup filled to overflowing.

Generous, tasty, friendly and very well attended. Our recommendation for a successful lunch or a relaxing evening.

Restaurant Zen Paris

Restaurant Zen Paris

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