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Poisson grillé avec vin

I. LOOKING FOR POWER: The more the meat you put on the BBQ is red, the more you can go for a powerful and full-bodied wine.
II. DON’T MAKE IT BURN: If your food is spicy and peppery, avoid wines with a lot of tanins.
III. KEEP IT LIGHT: The more your meat is white, the more you should look for rosé wines and light red wines.
IV. REFRESH THE PALATE: Prefer tense, well structured rosé wines with lively acidity to accompany your grilled meat and fish.
V. IT’S SO SWEET: Round and fruity rosé wines will be welcome if you accompany your BBQ with sweet and sour sauces (ketchup, BBQ sauce, pickles, soy sauce based marinade ...).
VI. CHALLENGE THE BIG WHITES: White wines go very well with (white) meat, fish and grilled cheese. Choose more powerful, bold and aromatic wines with nice acidity, to deal with the smoky aromas of the food.
VII. FINISH ON BUBBLES: If you have enough patience and skills to grill fruit (banana, peach, pineapple…), cool and fresh bubbles will sublimate their caramelized sweetness.

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