I have been hesitating for long time, being afraid of finding the right words about presenting the wines of the Domaine Pierre Cros, which may be due to modesty.

Finally I got fed up with constantly listening to all those know-it-alls, telling what’s right and what’s wrong, and I realized that I certainly am the most suitable person to talk aptly about the Domaine Pierre Cros and its wines.

I won’t tell anything about the Romans, monks and noblemen that might have cultivated the vines in Badens before me, and either won’t either speak about this “extraordinary terroir”, which is put into reality only by the creative drive of men

I neither pretend to teach you how you should taste my wines… nor when… or why… or (even worse) with whom. I would just like to outline certain reflexions and ideas, which in my opinion are important for today’s wine world. I would like to tell you, for example, that above all I am a peasant, a hillbilly if you like, with all my knowledge and all my doubts. And I am surely a full man, proud about his roots and proud to rrrrrole the R’s like people do in my country.

At the Domaine Pierre Cros we aren’t traditional winegrowers from father to son...

Although my grandfather Marius and my father Henry possessed some vineyards, they primarily were the bakers of Badens. Two men with a zest for their craft, leaving every morning, and the weather did not matter, to deliver their bread to the surrounding villages. Both taught me respect towards the customer, towards ALL customers, as well as a passion for well-done work

At the Domaine Pierre Cros, we did not learn Oenology at school...
nor did I carry out an internship with some star winegrowers. My stars, who taught me the essentials of the vigneron’s tradeweed, graft, trim, harvestat the end of the seventies, I called “Mamie” and “Bon Papa”. For sure, both knew what they were talking about, but the best thing they passed on to me was their humbleness

At the Domaine Pierre Cros there is no horse to plough the soils...
no herbal tinctures to cure the vines and no magic in the cellar. And although I my head is sometimes in the clouds, I do not talk about the moon very often… 
I am standing with both feet firmly on the ground, and long time before it became a part of marketing and commerce, I realized that it’s sufficient to observe, to love and to respect the marvellous heritage of the ancestors and approach an exceptional terroir with sense and mind. 
No need for fine words and colourful medals on our bottles – authenticity is the key !

The Domaine Pierre Cros extends over some 50 hectares, with only half of it being planted with vineyards. The other half consists of wild Garrigue*, but also of almond trees, olive groves and even truffle oaks. Occasionally, the planting of those trees has been the opportunity to invite school children of Badens, to familiarize with respect and love for nature, go teach them, that this diversity embellishes the landscape and, according to the season, increases the complexity of natural fragrances in the air, that might be rediscovered in our wines.

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