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L'équipe du Domaine Pierre Cros

Women and men who share our values distribute the wines of the Domaine Pierre Cros in France and some 20 other countries : a real passion for our work, honesty and respect for the customer, trust and loyalty. Without this philosophy of human relationship wine would lack its basis of existence.

Due to naturally low yields, - between 15 and 30 hectolitres per hectare - the number of bottles of each Cuvée is limited at the Domaine Pierre Cros. Furthermore, I have decided to use exclusively grapes from my own vineyards, altogether harvested in small cases – like it has to beby hand, and in a convivial atmosphere. 

Thus, it may happen that I run out of certain wines during the year. That’s certainly a bit frustrating, but it is the price to pay for real authenticity… an authenticity that needs no further label on the bottle.

To be informed about the availability of our wines, or to know our partners in France and abroad, please contact us by mail (dom-pierre-cros@sfr.fr) or by telephone +33 (0) or +33 (0)

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