ARAMON, PIQUEPOUL NOIR, ASPIRAN... at Domain Pierre Cros old grape varieties are being planted again

Aramon, Picpoul noir, Aspiran... The return of the old grape varieties

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Its already a bit more than ten years ago and started with pain (even being sued by the French authorities and above all, accompanied by scornful laughter from the different associations of wine producers), that the Cuvee Les Mal Aimeés ( „The Unloved“) is being produced from old traditional grape varieties of the Languedoc, like Alicante, Aramon, Piquepoul noir, and Aspiran, all of them „forbidden fruits“.

Presently, and thanks to the fact that the technicians of the Chamber of Agriculture finally woke up, we have planted a young vineyard after selecting the best stems of the old grape varieties Aramon, Piquepoul noir and Aspiran.

Which „sweet“ revenge in favour of the old grapes doomed to be eradicated to the advantage of the so called high quality grapes, and all this in our region characterized by heresy at cost of tradition and heritage in viticulture.

Which „sweet“ revenge again for our ancestors who havent been more nuts than we are today and who already in the old times understood that these grapes should find their place in our dry region, too.

But last not least, which sweet revenge for myself. Nobody has to be ahead of his time, but if someone is the precursor of an upcoming fashion, those who make the decisions for us will not remember that we did the same already ten years ago.

May I therefore envite you to taste my wines at my domain on Saturday and Sunday, the 12. and 13. May from 10.00 to 22.00 hours . Taste and enjoy the cheese ( Cantal , Saint Nectaire) of my friend Jean Pierre „éleveur-fromagier“ at the Ferme de Marcou, together with a god glass of wine from old and young grapes.

Please, make you reservations (cheese, home made sausages and grilled titbits) at 10 € a plate.

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